Tools, machines and lines for plastic extrusion.

are supplied by company COMPUPLAST s.r.o. to their customers both in the Czech Republic and Central Europe since the beginning of 90´s. We have always done our best to adapt to the wishes of our customers as much as possible.
In order for us to maximally adapt to the market all our tools and lines have been designed in 3D software since 2002.
For the melt flow simulating and cavities shape optimalisation of the dies
we use the most state-of-the-art software Virtual Extrusion Laboratory - 3D FEM by COMPUPLAST International..

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About Us The company was founded in 1991. As a result, our designers have many years of experience in designing dies and lines for plastic extrusion. In the course of the years, a great number of extrusion dies has been manufactured, both for common applications and for very special purposes. We have been using the 3D Solid Edge software for our design work since 2002. The software offers several tools including modules for stress and thermal computations and analysis. These supporting tools help us to solve even considerably challenging problems extremely quickly and efficiently.



soft profiles
rigid profiles
co-extruded profiles
pipes and tubes
flat films and sheets

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Lines for tubes and pipes
  • production of extrusion dies for both one-layered pipes and tubes with optional co-extrusion as well as multi-layered pipes and tubes …
  • Lines for films and sheets
  • design of flat dies both for mono-extrusion and co-extrusion with a feedblock …
  • Lines for profiles
  • designing of extrusion dies and calibrators for extrusion of profiles with the possibility of coextrusion …
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    Over the course of the years, our staff have gained an extensive amount of invaluable professional experience in the field. As a result, they are capable of helping you solve a range of issue that may arise. In addition, we will be glad to help you find ideal partners and choose suitable devices, in fact we can even arrange their purchase for you.

    Besides our own devices we supply machines from our foreign business partners that are one of the best producers in plastics processing (laboratory polymer processing machines from Labtech Engineering) and thermal removal of polymers and organic contaminations from metal tools (SCHWING Technologies GmbH). They are top European producers as well as proven partners from Eastern Asia and the USA. Since the complete extrusion line is guaranteed by one general supplier, you as our customer do not need to be concerned about delivery, custom declaration, installation and start up of the line.

    Since 2009 we have been a member of the Association which associates the most important companies involved in plastics industry not only from Zlín region.


    Labtech Engineering Co., Ltd. - laboratory polymer processing machines.

    Official representation in the following countries:
    Czech and Slovak Republic: since 2012
    Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova: since 2015

    SCHWING Technologies GmbH - thermal cleaning of metal parts and tools. Suitable for all plastics and fiber industry.

    Official representation in the following countries:
    Czech and Slovak Republic: since 2015
    GMA MACHINERY ENTERPRISE Co. Ltd. - extrusion T-dies for films & sheets up to width of 6 m, Feed Blocks for coextrusion, melt pumps and screen changers.

    Official representation in the following countries:
    Czech and Slovak Republic: since 2017

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